When I was a young bab, I wanted to make video games. I'm doing that now!!! This is a list of games that are developed/published under the Ryno name.

Deltatraveler is a Deltarune fangame that has been in development since September 2021. In Deltatraveler, Kris and Susie, after their adventures in Cyberworld and subsequent sleepover, wake up in a strange underground world... Unbeknownst to them, they've landed in a world parallel to their own: The world of Undertale! They, along with Noelle, travel through different worlds and timelines in order to seek out answers and make their way home.

UNOTALE: Card Game is an implementation of the UNO card game into the UNDERTALE battle system. You and up to 7 of your friends can play together online with customizable rules and unique features, such as DARE! Cards.

ATONEMENT is an UNDERTALE fangame that follows Frisk, whose involuntary actions as Chara have led them to HELL. Your decisions will determine the fate of you and your SOUL.

The Completely Broken RPG is an RPG Maker game from 2015. The game stars Joseph and a whole cast of stolen characters who are on a quest to find a cure to an incurable disease that alters people's behaviors. It's uhh... a trip.